In the wake of the "divorce" between Coach O and LSU, the feelings of the separation seem to be divided. Some are sad to see the loud-mouthed coach leave the Tigers, others seem to be excited to see him go. When the Tigers went 15-0, you couldn't say the name Orgeron without following it up with Joe Burrow.

In a recent interview, now quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow was asked what he thought about his beloved coach parting ways with LSU.

That's disappointing to me. He's really a man that gave me an opportunity when nobody else really was. I wouldn't be here without Coach O...

Burrow went on to speak about how he wishes the best for the coach in his future. Currently, there is only speculation as to what the coach will do next. He spoke in a recent interview that he has no intentions of coaching next year.

I think I'm gonna have enough money to buy me a hamburger every once in a while

Orgeron told reporters that he wants to take some time off and figure out what direction he wants to go in next.

In the meantime, the Coach O and LSU memes on his leaving are flooding all over the place in social media!

As it stands, Coach O has been "Terminated without Cause" and LSU will pay out the rest of his contract to the sum of $16.949 million. He will have installments of the contract paid out to him from $420,000 to $5.68 million until the year 2025.

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