Comedian, actor, podcaster, and sports host Joe Rogan is setting up shop in Austin and starting a new comedy club.

Many of us know Joe Rogan from Fear Factor or from being a commentator with UFC, but his most lucrative venture so far has been his podcast, which he makes millions of dollars a year from. The website Celebrity Net Worth has Joe's net worth valued at $100 million, not too shabby for a comic.

Rogan and fellow comedian Adam Eget are buying the One World Theatre in West Austin. I looked it up on Google and this location is amazing. The front of the theater looks almost like a Spanish castle and it's set in the the mountains, or at least an elevated location, with an overlook on the back patio that is to die for.

Adam, Joe's partner, has managed the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles and the Tempe Improv Club in Tempe, Arizona, so I would imagine the plan is to have Eget run the day-to-day operations of the new club.

With Elon Musk bringing his entire tech empire to Austin, it only makes since to capitalize on this and get in early while the getting is good. Musk is already calling for an urgent need to build more housing in Austin, and he has plans of hiring tons of new employees.

I've always wanted to make a trip out to Austin, and this is just another reason to make it happen. I'll have to go on a night when Joe has booked himself and some of his friends at the club.

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