Karens have gone from shutting down family get togethers to calling the cops on Black patrons renting out Airbnbs. The video you are about to watch is taking it to another level of Karen-dom. Jibrizy caught this video on Tik Tok of a young white female who went into Target and, taking the entire basket stand and dragging it around the store, scuffing the floor and making marks.

The really hilarious thing about the video is that she continued shopping and placing things in the basket. Jibrizy and a friend followed her around discretely as she shopped and shopped and continued to drag that cart until a Target employee showed up, and you'll see what happened next after watching the video.

The Karens really need to reevaluate their lives and realize that, in order for them to make it in this world, they are going to have to co-exist with all of us. I have never seen a video this funny that ends in a manner of entitlement, with her assuming she is right. I wonder what this young lady thinks after becoming a household name from not simply using her head or asking questions if she wasn't sure. But man, who doesn't know that the baskets are to be carried, not dragged around on the floor?

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