After a few years of intense court battles over custody and child support, singer Kelis and rap pioneer Nas have settled their differences. Court documents obtained by The Blast, revealed things came to a head after Nas didn't get their 9-yr old son, Knight, for New Years 2019. Kelis was already facing 20 counts of contempt for habitually abusing the formal couples custody agreement.

January this year she reportedly kept the child with her in Columbia, where she intended to relocate and tend a farm she shared with her new husband. Nas was livid because he had no communication with his son, and the child wasn't returned to the states until 14 days later.

In April the singer entered a not guilty plea to 20 counts of contempt, and they were scheduled for another court battle in June. However, the two managed to squash their differences before then after the rap icons lawyers filed papers to have the suit dismissed. Congrats to them for finding a way to make it work for the sake of their son.

Flava Flav-getty images
Flava Flav-getty images

Real quickly, I gotta update on the Flava Flav story I brought you last week. As previously reported the Public Enemy legend was named in a paternity suit. The 60-yr old denied he got his former manager pregnant and fathered her 2-month old son Jordan. Kate Gammel filed a paternity suit against Flav asking a judge to force him to take a DNA test.

Well the results are in! Flav is the babies father, and is officially the iconic rap stars 8th child. Congrats to them both! I know it's nearly impossible to teach an old dog new tricks....but just maybe Flava Flav will start using a condom going forward.

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