Kim NgMiami Marlins Big Four

Ng's rise to the top of baseball didn't come easy. The oldest of 5 girls, she was dealt a devastating blow when she lost her father at age 11. That tragic loss made her strong and gave her a 'never quit' attitude, that served her well throughout her life. An avid baseball fan and athlete in her own right, Ng played softball through college. When graduated she landed her first gig in the MLB working as an intern for the Chicago White Sox. For the next 30-years, Ng built a career working in the front office of baseball's most iconic franchises like the Dodgers, Yankees, and more.

Today Kim Ng is not the GM for the Marlins, but the highest-ranking female executive in the MLB. You go, girl!

15 Ways You Can Help People in Ukraine Right Now

As Americans watch events unfold in Ukraine, many wonder how they can help. Below is a list of organizations responding to the crisis in Ukraine along with information on how you can support their various missions. 

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