I have never enlisted in the military. However, I was surrounded by veterans my entire life. My mother had six boys with me being the youngest. All five of my other brothers all went into some form of the military. I have four who were enlisted in the Army and one in the Air Force.

My oldest brother, Frank, who's no longer with us, was enlisted until his passing in 1990. He was active and was going away once a month for his military training. I did register with the Selective Service, which was a big thing when I was coming up. I never was called and never served time for my country.

I have always looked at my brothers and truly admired them. They would tell a lot of their stories about their time and some of the friends they met and lost during service. There is nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women who took it upon themselves to accept the calling to serve our country. Some families never got to see their family members again, which meant they sacrificed their loved ones for us.

So today, as we celebrate our veterans, including those in my family. I want to say thank you. For all of the veterans who are still with us, we appreciate you and hope you are truly enjoying your day today.

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