We would like to send a major shoutout to Wossman High School 'Student of the Year', Kaitlyn Apperley. The 17-year old senior from Monroe, LA. has reportedly been accepted to 37 colleges. Even more exciting is the fact that so far, Kaitlyn was offered a total of $1.5 million dollars in scholarships and two with full rides. Her success is proof that anything is possible if you work for it. The Monroe teenager said of her amazing accomplishments,

“Coming from like a single mother home, a single-parent home, I was still able to accomplish the things that I have accomplished. And it will be hard nights, long nights studying and stuff, and some days you just don’t feel like getting up but you just need to go, do it, get it over with and it will pay off in the end.”

According to KNOE News 8, Kaitlyn already has 22 college credits and plans to put them to good use when she graduates by becoming a compounding pharmacist. Apperley's former teacher, Justin Overacker, better known by his students as Mr. O  spoke highly of Wossman's student of the year saying, “I think it really exudes her tenacity, and I think it shines a light on what pride and beauty we have on the south side of Monroe,” Mr. O added. “But Kaitlyn’s story just exudes the story that we really have on the south side of Monroe which is genius, which is excellence, which is what every town has, which is beauty.”

By the way, many of Kailyn's acceptance letters came from ivy league universities, including highly regarded research and pharmacy colleges where the required minimum GPA is 3.5 and the average is 4.0! The Wossman High School student excitedly shared, “I got into the University of Pittsburgh, University of Denver, Xavier, I got deferred from Harvard,” said Apperley.


Wossman High’s Principal, Dr. Harrington Watson, said it was a proud moment for the community. He added that Kaitlyn is a role model to his classmates and other students saying,

“She’s definitely made the school proud, always made the school proud, and we use her, as a kid and as you see today she had her Woss cat sweater, that’s what it’s all about giving kids the opportunities to do things that show other kids hey you can be like me or you can do better than what you’re doing sometimes.”

Congratulations Kaitlyn! We wish you the very best.

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