Mayor Nic Hunter and the City of Lake Charles have made good on a promise to bring COVID-19 and hurricane relief assistance to local residents. It's been several months since Hurricanes Laura and Delta devastated our area, yet the impact of the storms is easily still seen by widespread damage throughout the city. After months and months of cleanup and repairs to the local infrastructure, city street lights are still out, piles of trash and debris still line the roadways, and homes and apartment complexes are empty and uninhabitable.

For many, the struggle is very real. Obviously, the pandemic makes matters even worse, as many residents are without work or have fallen victim to the deadly disease. Mayor Hunter expressed his concerns for the community and vowed some kind of direct relief was on the way. That promise was made a reality in the final days of December 2020, as he and the city council approved the Lake Charles COVID & Hurricane Relief Package Ordinance. Some of the recovery assistance will include the following:

  • Businesses that need assistance the most will get a 50% reduction in occupational licenses for 2021, with a maximum benefit of $100/business
  • A 30-day extension on penalties/interest for 2021 occupational licenses
  • Starting Tuesday, January 19, residents can apply for Water Bill Assistance. In addition, vet applicants can receive grants for up to three months of delinquent water bills
  • Public transit fees will be waved through February 2021

According to KPLC News, Mayor Hunter will team up Catholic Charities next week to begin distribution. For more info on how to apply for assistance, call Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana at 337-439-7436 or visit their website and apply online.

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