Before we begin, I have been searching for hours trying to get some sort of a story out of these two photos. I am not accusing anyone of anything, nor am I going to state anything else but what I know. Luckily, that won't take very long because there is not much context to the story except for a little hearsay. However, this is still a very hair-raising story!

I won't name the donut shop where this incident happened, but it has been claimed that this same shop on Highway 14 has had issues in the past with altercations. This time, however, a gun was involved. The story I gathered was that there was an issue at the store and that an argument escalated between the management of the store and the customers. Now, I realize that things like this happen, but when a gun gets involved you have taken it to a level that it should never be at unless your life is in danger. Was it? I have no idea.

Dae Dae
Dae Dae

I cannot confirm that the woman in the photo is a manager of the donut place in question, but I can confirm she looks angry and indeed does have a gun in her hand. One comment I found did say that the woman with the gun was defending her employees that were being harassed by a group of people. Other commenters said that they have seen other instances where arguments have started with the donut shop and gotten a bit out of hand.

The gun safety in me just cringes at how the weapon is being waved around. It also appears that her finger is on the trigger as well. We won't get into gun laws or gun handling, but unless there is a threat to one's life, that thing should not be in her hand. No one was injured in this altercation, that is the most important part!


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