Mr. Travis Bolden is a devoted father and husband that is crazy about math. He is not your average teacher that's for sure. He's a young African American man with a larger-than-life personality, and an I for fashion. In fact, he got his nickname for always wearing Chuck Taylor tennis. I know him well because he used to do a radio show here at 107 Jamz called, Third Coast Radio. Shouts-out by the way to Derrick Morris, Kinfolk, and Big Boy Chill by the way!

Chuck or Mr. Bolen as the kids call him, is a genius in mathematics. A math major and teacher, that shares his gift via tutoring children in nearly every school in Calcasieu Parish. The kids love him, and they are excelling in math because of him. That includes my daughter Londyn. I can tell you from first-hand experience, that he is the best! All fun and games aside, the local Maff Guy stopped by the station to announce the release of his new single, " I Can Multiply" and music video. He also got very serious and spoke about his mission to help kids love math and how truly important this core class is to their future.

He said, "Parents, kids can not inherit not being able to do math or be good at math. What you can inherit is not taking education as seriously as you should. He added parents say that all the time. "I'm not good at math. But your kids did not get that from you." The popular Maff Guy, also known as Chuck Slugg from his radio broadcasting and stand-up comedy days, is the perfect person to teach math. He loves it. He loves teaching it. Most of all he loves seeing the kids he teaches go from struggling to excelling in math.

Below, take a listen to his new song, " I Can Multiply" and get ready to do some math everybody. Enjoy!

The movement of something is simply better and faster with the support of more people and ideas. My name is Travis “Chuckslugg” “MAFF GUY” Bolden and my goals are centered around the growth of mathematical knowledge, awareness, understanding, and comfort for whoever God places in front of me. I created a few Math awareness songs for youth more specifically my new project “I CAN MULTIPLY” to give all people, especially youth the opportunity to bring energy to a subject that scares many individuals. A wide variety of Parents throughout the country are incapable of helping their child with his/her homework without experiencing a random level of frustration from time to time. I would like to ease that frustration by helping parents understand that this generation wants to be heard not spoken to or spoken at.


They go to school for 8 hours a day only to hear you say “It wasn’t like that when I was in school”, “I never learned this before”, or my favorite response is “I WASN’t GOOD AT MATH EITHER SO THE KID MUST HAVE INHERITED IT”. I’m a Teacher/Professional Math Tutor/Mentor ready to provide guidance for the kids through multiplication, ACT prep, or Life Questions and Suggestions that multiply’s the future opportunities for each individual.

I would Love to collaborate with local, state, and nationwide schools of all levels to come and visit for 1 hour with your student body to encourage them about the importance of Math education. Multiplication is that one part of math that will NEVER change so I challenge all parents to learn it as well.

We love you, Chuck! Keep encouraging our kids to do the math. With you leading the way, we know they won't have any problems multiplying! If need a great math tutor, he is your Maff Guy, contact Mr. Bolden at (337)853-5367, on
IG: @icanmultiply or Facebook: Chuckslugg Bolden


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