If you are from Lake Charles or Southwest Louisiana then this will come as no shock to you but Lake Charles has topped the list as the most humid city in the United States.

We all know this because we live with it every day. I was born right here in Lake Charles and in my 50 years in Southwest Louisiana there is one thing I know, the humidity is terrible.

We all make jokes here in Lake Charles that you can cut the humidity with a knife or that sometimes we feel like we can chew on our air here. One minute rain hits us and cools us off then within 10 minutes of the sun coming out, we are sweating profusely.  There is no happy medium at all!


According to Householdmethod.com, Lake Charles ranks as the most humid city in the United States and is tied with four other cities. The website ranked the top five and they go like this,

  • Lake Charles, LA (90% humidity)

  • Jackson, MI (90% humidity)

  • Meridian, MI (90% humidity)

  • Brownsville, TX (90% humidity)

  • Port Arthur, TX (90% humidity)

I don't know if we should be proud of this or break out another fan or air conditioner! If you notice, three of the five cities listed in the top five are close to the Gulf Of Mexico. We are no weather person but that has to have something to do with it for sure.

We live in the most beautiful part of the United States, Cajun Country, and in our opinion, if we have to risk passing out every once in a while from the heat to be from Louisiana, then so be it!

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