I have had conversations with people from all over who think we are back to normal. It's amazing how we can be devastated by not one but two hurricanes and folks really think we can bounce back.

I immediately let them know we are nowhere close to being back to normal. What makes matters worse is the fact that we are literally going into hurricane season again in a few months, and they are still picking up debris in the city.

Many have all but forgotten about Lake Charles, and the rest of the world has gone back to business as usual. Lake Charles native, Michael McGowen, who's now a famous movie director and all-around good person, is shedding light on the city. He's created what appears to be a great visual and body of work highlighting the devastation and destruction we faced and are still facing. Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary.

Kudos to artist Logan Chapman and Taja V Simpson, as well. I can't wait to see this documentary, as I am sure Michael really gives the world a taste of how we are living here after the hurricanes. It's sad that many feel like we are okay. There are still so many in the city who are jobless, homeless, and without any means of bouncing back.

Many insurance companies have still not paid their clients, and many businesses have literally closed their doors forever. As of now, there doesn't seem to be a title for the film, but thanks to Michael and all who are involved for helping to keep Lake Charles on the map.

The Impact of Hurricane Laura on Lake Charles

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