This Saturday, SWLA will host its first event to raise awareness and take a stand against child sex trafficking. Sadly, this incredible evil is a tragic reality for millions of children around the world. According to 2016 statistics from International Labour Organization, one in four children fell victim to some form of modern day slavery.

The Lake Charles Save Our Children March is taking place August 22 at the Lake Charles Civic Center, and will begin at 5:30pm. The public is invited to participate and educate themselves on how we can end child sex trafficking together. Local march organizer, Ariel Grace, used Proverbs 31:8 (Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves) to sum up the need for us all to act.

With the current health crises in mind, the Lake Charles march can be a safe event, provided everyone cooperates and uses CDC advisories. Remember to protect yourself and others at all times from COVID-19. March participants are strongly advised to bring and wear a mask. Even though it is an outside event, it is a big group gathering and the infection rate is high in these conditions. Bring sanitizer or wipes to keep your hands bacteria-free, and remember to social distance.

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