Three students who attend College Street Vocational Center, in Lake Charles took first place in the Annual C-Span Video Documentary Competition. The high school students are Jason Boudreaux, Shontenaisha Manuel and Jaleaha Joseph named their award winning doc, FEMA's On Our Lives In Southwest Louisiana.

For those who say, we are tired of hearing about Hurricane Laura and Delta. Why are y'all still complaining about hurricanes that happened two years ago? Hopefully now you know. The destruction was widespread and on a level that most people can't begin to understand. Like these high schoolers so eloquently covered in their documentary, SWLA is still dealing with the impacts of Laura and Delta. Enjoy their award winning documentary below!

C-Span judges said what made the documentary stand out was the fact that Shontenaisha, Jaleaha and Jason each had a story to tell, because they were hurricane victims too. Discussing FEMA's hurricane response and lack there of, was something they are still living through. Talking about the continued need for assistance and resources along with the visuals made the content aspect very strong. Not to mention the audio and digital quality was also very good.

They had some great guidance because their Television Production Instructor was former KPLC news anchor Britney Glaser. She said that she worked with the high school every week for roughly four months helping them edit their documentary footage collect research, do interviews and more. Their hard work paid off! Not only were they the only winning group from Louisiana, but they beat 18 states in their division to claim the first place prize. Which by the way, was $3,000 to split and an iPads for each one of them.

Congrats you guys! You represented your state well and the documentary was deserving of the top prize.

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