As we settle into the new year, a lot of us are a little heavier than we'd like to be. Luckily Lake Charles Ward 3 Recreation offers a ton of classes, for every age group and every level of fitness, to get you back in shape! Every year Ward 3 instructors host a free Fitness Extravaganza that's open to the public to highlight what they have to offer with each class.

The 2019 Lake Charles Ward 3 Fitness Extravaganza will be at the Power Centre location (3210 Power Centre Parkway) on Saturday January 5, 2019, starting at 10 AM. There's a lot to see and here, so come early! Experience all the fitness classes in a fun  showcase everyone is invited to participate in.

There are 8 recreation centers to choose from around the city, so they're sure to what you need. Get details about memberships for each location at the extravaganza, and find out which rec facility will make the best fit for you and your family. Take a tour and get the water aerobics and swimming schedule now that the all new, state-of-the art Power Centre Natatorium is open!

2019 is going to be exciting with a several new classes, a new Spin Room and the latest equipment to get your workout on! We look forward to helping you get a jump-start to the new year! Below view all the info about the 2019 expo:

Ward 3 Recreation 2019 New Year Fitness Expo
Ward 3 Recreation 2019 New Year Fitness Expo

See You There!

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