Director/ Actor Aaron (Director Fresh) Mulligan has finally released the anticipated first episode of the 8 part "Black Blood" Series. The cast is predominately made up of talent like Jarvis Jacob, Shalin Jeanise, Steve Corbin Jr and so many more of our favorite people from right here at home. I even make a voice appearance in the debut episode as you guessed it Erik Tee. The hype has been building up for weeks with a special cast launch held last week. Last night the world was able to see all of the hard work that was done behind the scene.

The web series is following a serial killer in Lake Charles and from the title of the movie, it is nothing short of a great time with plenty of scream moments just in time for Halloween. If you would like to subscribe to be on the list for the next 7 episodes which will be released every Wednesday, then you need to go to to sign up and be ahead of everyone else.

Check out the first episode of "Black Blood" below and listen to see if you may hear someone familiar to you while watching it.

I remember the first time I had the opportunity to interview Director Fresh I remember telling him that I saw a major influence of Spike Lee in him. Spike had the way to entertain and also educate and I sense this will be the future of other great films to come from this young talent. Make sure you get signed up today and let's continue to support our great young talent that's coming out of Lake Charles.

For those who are just getting on the Director Fresh train, you can not truly get invested until you see one of his first visual "The Kickback" released from a few years ago.


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