While cable and internet is out for most of Lake Charles and people in surrounding areas who are clients of Suddenlink, it was generally hard for many of us to watch the debate on television last night. However, the anticipation on most people's part was similar to the return match for Mike Tyson after losing to Buster Douglas.

While I wasn't able to catch it, it made me ponder the height of excitement many are not feeling going into this election. I have to admit back in 2006, I heavily anticipated voting. My wife and I took our son with us to watch us vote as, at the time, he was too young to do so. That flare is not burning like it was before. However, it is my duty and I am not at all pleased with the current state of the world.

One thing I keep seeing from last night's debate is, when questioned about the white supremacists groups like The Proud Boys, Trump didn't denounce them. As a matter of fact, he told them to, "Stand by."

I am not the smartest individual in the world, but if anyone is told to stand by, it generally means be prepared for when I need your assistance. This is not the world that I want to see my son become the man I know he can be or raise children in. The debate caused more division amongst people who should generally be working together for the betterment of our country.

There are two more debates to go, and both camps should step to their candidates and educate them on the climate of the world and ask them to stand on it. Don't take this time as an opportunity to play the dozens with one another while the world is watching.

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