The Lake Charles Police Department has announced on their recruiting page that they will be hosting another recruiting event to join the men and women of the department. The event will be held on February 27 at 8:00am at the Lake Charles Civic Center inside the Contraband Room.

There is no need to pre-register for the recruiting event in order to participate. This will be a testing event and should only take two hours to complete. They do ask that you be prepared for it to last longer, just in case. This testing event is required in order for possible recruits to be placed in their recruiting classes in the future.

There are some requirements you must have in order to apply. All applicants must be United States citizens, have attained a high school diploma, be the age of at least 20, have no felony convictions, no use of illegal narcotics in the past 12 months, and pass the fit for duty evaluation. Possible recruits will also need to pass a panel-style job interview, polygraph, background check, and state civil service exam.

The fit for duty exam will take place on the day of the event, so they ask that you attend it in workout attire. They are expecting a large turnout, so they are asking all applicants to be patient with the process, socially distance, and wear a mask while there.

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