Born Thomas Charles Lasorda in 1927, Tommy Lasorda was a pro baseball pitcher, catcher, coach, and manager. He spent his career bouncing from the Dodgers to the Athletics, and then back to the Dodgers. As the manager for the Dodgers, the team saw two World Series wins, was named the National League's Manager of the year two times, and ended up having his number retired in honor.

Lasorda retired, but not for long. He was tapped to manage the 2000 Olympic baseball team in Australia. The American team took gold that year under Lasorda's watchful eye. This wasn't the first time he was pulled from retirement, either. He maintained a strong relationship with the Dodgers and would step in and help as he was needed.

In 1997, Lasorda became eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was inducted that year, and two years later, not only did he get a street named after him, but they even renamed a restaurant in Dodger Stadium after him, Lasorda's Trattoria.

Lasorda passed away overnight at his home in Fullerton at 93 with a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest.

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