Since I have been back in the city, I have seen plenty of lights not working. This is not unusual when you look at the obvious of it being a catastrophic event in the city that has caused things to shut down. One thing that should not change is our rules when it comes to stop lights.

Even if we were not coming off of a Hurricane like Laura, if the lights are being worked on in the city, we have been taught to treat no lights at an intersection as a four-way stop. That means the first person to come to a complete stop at the intersection should be the first person to go.

There are plenty of new folks in our city, as many are here to help us recover and there may be some who are new to the area. What we need to do is take that in consideration. However, we still need to know that regardless of where you are, no lights at an intersection are automatically deemed four-way stops. Be careful, as Entergy is fully working to get things back to normal. We need to have patience and realize this will take time, so make sure you follow the rules in order to avoid accidents. We have enough going on in the city as it is, and accidents will only slow progress even more.

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