Today in Tha Wire, in case you missed it, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's, Lil Scrappy almost went to the "upper room!" The rapper, turned reality TV star, was involved in a pretty serious car accident early Sunday morning. HipHollywood reports Scrap was leaving, King Of Diamonds strip club, when the accident occurred.

Looks like it was a single car accident too, and if anyone seen the accident, they didn't stick around. According to a police report the rap star lost control of his car, swerved off the road, and hit a light pole. Scrappy was reportedly behind the wheel, and his boy, Ca$ino Roulette, was in the passenger's seat. They had apparently made to the highway, prior to crashing their vehicle. Which by the way, was totalled. Thankfully neither of them sustained life threatening injuries, but both men wound up with serious injuries. Scrap actually got banged up pretty bad, reportedly breaking his leg in the accident. the worst of it.

Below the rapper shared a few pics from the hospital, letting his followers know that he's gonna be okay.


By the time paramedics and police arrived on the scene, TMZ reports both men were outside of the vehicle. An investigation went into what caused the rapper to drive off the road. Thankfully for Scrap, police found no drugs or alcohol led to the crash. Looks like the two men were just tired after a long night of turnin up.


Both men wound up in ICU, after the crash. Since then they've been moved to rooms, and said to make a full recovery. We wish them both the best. For more in the way of entertainment news, catch the scoop with Tha Wire daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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