I do hope there is a "special place" in hell for people that would attempt to scam people during a time of crisis. If there is, then we know that "place" will be filling up with new members as the bad guys and predators come out of the woodwork to prey on unsuspecting citizens during the COVID-19 threat.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is no stranger to sniffing out and shutting down scammers. However, his office needs your help in doing that. The Attorney General's Office has already been made aware of scams involving fake charities and fraudulent cures. I am sure there are other scams that are being created as we speak.

If you suspect a scam involving the coronavirus threat Landry's office has established a Consumer Protection Line. The number is 1-800-351-4889. Just to be clear you can dial this number to report a suspected scam of any kind. It doesn't have to be specifically related to the coronavirus.

If you visit the Attorney General's website you will find specific information and forms on how to file a complaint and how to report a scam. Bad guys love to prey on people when they are scared, it's up to us to stand up to them.

If you have older members of your family please make them aware that coronavirus scams are out there. Scammers love to victimize the elderly and the uninformed so let's do our part and help protect everyone during the COVID-19 threat.

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