When you can find something to make you smile during a hurricane it goes a long way. Lennox Sandifer made many smile during Hurricane Zeta when he made his debut as a hurricane reporter. The 5-year-old Gentilly resident did such a great job reporting the hurricane that Jim Cantore should be worried.

Lennox’s parents shared some videos on Twitter and the videos have made so many smile. The video shows Lennox in his rain gear, holding his microphone, standing outside warning the community by saying “This is really crazy, so stay inside!” He kept a straight face and appeared very professional, even when he forgot the name of the hurricane and his dad had to help him. It is absolutely adorable.

According to Nola.com, his father, Eddie Sandifer, says Lenny is a born media personality who requires no prompting to step before the camera.

Lenny waited out the storm at his grandmother’s house in New Orleans East.  After the boredom set in, his dad suggested he do his best weather broadcast. As Hurricane Zeta passed through the city, Lenny stood in the doorway of his grandmother’s house describing the storm behind him.

Lenny is a kindergarten student at Holy Cross School. Keep an eye on this kid. I think one day he will work for the Weather Channel.

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