After reaching all-time record highs in August, COVID-19 hospitalizations are declining in Louisiana.

In fact, Louisiana COVID-19 hospitalizations have declined for the past eight days straight. According to the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) on Monday, there were 2,003 confirmed positive COVID-19 patients hospitalized. That's down 66% from their previous report that showed 3,022 confirmed positive COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Louisiana.

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The LDH reports that 90% of the patients currently hospitalized for COVID-19 in Louisiana are unvaccinated.

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Over the weekend the LDH reported that 72 more Louisiana residents have passed away from COVID-19 and that there were 5,532 new cases across the state. Since the beginning of the pandemic 12,779 Louisiana residents have died from COVID-19.

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That's encouraging news for eight days straight now the COVID-19 hospitalizations in Louisiana have steadily declined.

I've had several family members contract COVID and I know from first-hand experience how powerful this virus is. Some of my family members did fine and had very few complications from COVID. However, the majority of them got really sick, my mom being the worst. She was never admitted to the hospital but she had to go several times to receive medicine and fluids for dehydration. It took her over three weeks to shake the coronavirus off and another few weeks to slowly get her strength back and finally start feeling better.

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I personally don't believe anyone in mass media should be telling people what to do when it comes to their own personal health. It's our decision alone to make. If you want the vaccine, then get it. If you don't want the vaccine, my advice would be to make sure you are washing your hands constantly and maybe even carry around some hand sanitizer with you.

Stay safe.

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