It's only been a couple of months since President Joe Biden ordered a pause on offshore oil and gas production, but Louisiana is already feeling the sting.

As a result, state lawmakers have drafted a resolution asking the president to put an end to the pause.

"Louisiana is an oil and gas state. We have depended on oil and gas for many years for our economy," said state Rep. Troy Romero (R-Jennings).

According to Romero, that's why state lawmakers have drafted a resolution requesting the president put an end to the halt in production.

“The president has done a detriment to our state by not allowing that process to continue,” Romero added.

Many have noticed a spike in gas prices at the pumps lately. Many experts in the industry attribute President Biden's pause on offshore oil and gas production as the culprit.

You may recall that a federal judge has already blocked Biden's ban for drilling on public land. Now, lawmakers want that same thing to happen on the ban in the Gulf of Mexico.

The loss of revenue isn't the only reason that lawmakers are upset.

“It’s just what that brings in. It’s all of those things on top of that. You know, you’re talking about sales tax, you’re talking about income tax, you’re talking about people that work in that industry that are now having to go to Texas and Oklahoma to find jobs,” explained Romero.

Another sticking point for Louisiana lawmakers is that the president mentioned climate change as his primary reason for the pause. However, experts say the oil we are now having to purchase comes from foreign countries where regulations on production are not even close to what we have here in America.

Louisiana's carbon emissions have declined by 71% since 1990, according to Louisiana Emissions Analysis. The industry says it simultaneously invested $108 billion in greenhouse gas mitigating technologies.

The resolution has been sent to the president, so the ball is basically in his court. He could elect to listen to what state lawmakers are requesting or continue to hold his current position.

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