I think we have all had a "take this job and shove it" moment at some time in our life. Most of us don't act out on those thoughts of reckless revenge against an employer that's done us wrong. Then again some of us do choose to make poor choices when it comes to assuring the opportunity for future employment has been severed completely.

We don't know if it was a case of revenge, a disgruntled former employee, or a bad idea simply gone wrong but it happened inside a grocery store in Moss Bluff on Friday. Police there say that Spencer Wallace, a 19-year-old former employee of the Market Basket Grocery store was observed on video setting a fire in a trash can.

The video shows Wallace standing next to the can and after the fire breaks out he simply walks away. The trash can fire spread quickly to the store's booth but was extinguished when the store's sprinkler system activated.

In an interview with investigators following the incident Wallace allegedly admitted to starting the fire. He is facing one count of aggravated arson according to the State Fire Marshal's Office. Wallace was placed under arrest and taken to the Calcasieu Parish Jail.

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