As the LSU game played on, the one thing that was not blocked was a trailer for a new cartoon series on the FXX network called "Little Demon". The series features father and daughter Danny DeVito (Satan) and Lucy DeVito (Chrissy, Satan's Daughter). The premise is that Chrissy's mom had a fling with the devil on Earth and became pregnant with his daughter. After years pass, the devil now wants his daughter back as the Antichrist.

Posts began to surface about the series on the Disney-owned FX network. The posts, as you can imagine were not in favor of the TV series, but rather scolding Disney for allowing such a series to even air on television. The trailer for the new series came across the TV for Louisiana's United States Congressman Mike Johnson. Johnson took to Facebook to voice his opinion on the trailer during the second quarter of the opening game.

The congressman seemed to make some waves with people agreeing with his opinion and also those that disagreed with his view on the trailer. The post currently has over 36k comments and over 130k shares from his congressman page.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Johnson was a guest on the Moon Griffon show. During the interview, Johnson said,

There were other disturbing things [during the LSU game] for me the worst moment was the commercial break during the second quarter.

Of course, this isn't the first time the devil has ever appeared in cartoons as a main, or supporting, character. In fact, the character of the devil has been in cartoons for kids. Personally, I can remember quite a few instances that he has been a character: Samurai Jack, Cow and Chicken, Powerpuff Girls, Fantasia, and let's not forget Hercules to name a few. I am not defending any side, just showing that this isn't the first time a cartoon such as this has happened. Lots of parents are now claiming they are canceling their Disney+ subscription as a result of the trailer that showed. For argument's sake, the series has been on air since August 25 of this year when the pilot was introduced on FXX.

Currently "Little Demon" is indeed airing on Disney+, but only in Australia and New Zealand. In the states, it can be found on the FXX network. FXX is FX's version of content that is catered to viewers 18-34 years of age. "Little Demon" is also rated TV-MA meaning it is considered to be for mature audiences only which is considered to be 17 and older, much like the R rating on a motion picture in the movie theater.

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