"Irk' is a great word. First, it looks odd when you see it in print. Second, it's kind of fun to say. Third, while irks can be exasperating there is also a certain amount of humor you can find in them.

Our mission today was to cleanse our pent-up personal frustration filters by claiming out loud that the following things irk us. No, not to the point of physical violence, also known as "going Acadia Parish", but to the point of simply letting go.

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We recently reached out to you via social media to tell us what "little annoyances in life really bug you in a big way". As you might imagine there were plenty of shots taken at government, traffic, the DMV, and online customer service. But we refined your list of suggestions and have created what we consider to be a respectable list of Louisiana annoyances for the world in which we live.

I have a dear friend that describes life's little annoyances as "being poked to death with a tack". No, it's not the most painful or horrific way to go but jeez, can we speed things along?

The items presented to you today are just a small list of the little things that on most days don't even make a blip on our personality radar. But on some days, when you've had it up to here with just about everyone and everything, they are more than enough to leave the camel in traction.

Andre Hunter via Unsplash.com
Andre Hunter via Unsplash.com

Now, if we're really going, to be honest with ourselves, a good number of these annoyances can be prevented. Or, at the very least prepared for. It's the ones that you know you should have been ready for but weren't those are the ones that chap me the most.

So regardless, just so you can know that of all of life's little ups and downs most of the downs are filled with dips, here they are for your perusing pleasure.

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