In his Netflix series Magic for Humans, Magician Justin Willman gathered a group of people to help him convince a couple of guys that they were invisible and it's hilarious.

“When I was a kid I put a tooth under my pillow, went to sleep, and in the morning there was money there. That tangible evidence was more than enough proof to make me believe in the tooth fairy. To find out how far I could take that premise, I set up a large flash-mob style social experiment all to convince one guy he had turned invisible.” - Justin Willman


The funniest thing to me is that Willman was actually able to convince two people they were invisible. We've lived on this earth long enough to know better, that something like invisibility would not be kept so secret and all of a sudden there's a magician in a park making folks disappear. Common sense is free but at the expense of someone else's naivety, I get a laugh out of their lack of.

Check out Magic For Humans available for streaming on Netflix.

[Source: Youtube]

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