What's the deal with FedEx? Why is it so difficult to get packages from the multinational delivery service giant? SWLA residents have been crowding around the Clarence Street location in Lake Charles, trying to get to the bottom of the delay. KPLC reports despite having a tracking number and all the necessary personal to locate their packages, all they get is a Pending status.

The wait time at the local FedEx shipping center has been horrendous. Residents say they have to wait hours to get their packages, if they get them at all. Things like medicine, checks, parts, and other time-sensitive items are among the items customers are waiting on to come in. FedEx reps apologized for the inconvenience and explained that their services are limited due to Hurricane Laura. In the meantime, customers will continue to deal with massive delays.

For FedEx customer service, updates on packages, or the latest information regarding service, go to fedex.com.

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