Updated - 8/24/22

Sulphur woman's alleged encounter with cop impersonator on August 13 looks to have been with a real State Trooper. A couple of days after Diondra Evans told KPLC she was possibly pulled over by a man impersonating an officer, they reached out to Sulphur PD to try and confirm Evans's story. As previously reported Sulphur authorities said they didn't know of any active traffic stops involving their officers at the time the alleged incident took place.

In an update on the report, shortly after the story aired 7 News says the Louisiana State Police Department notified them that it was a State Trooper that stopped Diondra Evans. LSP has shared body and dash cam footage of the actual traffic incident to confirm this was indeed a real stop. The video shows some discrepancies in what Evans claims happened. See the traffic stop video here.


The sad truth is that we are surrounded by people with bad intentions. It is for this reason that we all must pay attention when things don't feel right when out and about. A perfect example of staying alert is what happened to a woman in Sulphur, LA. over the weekend.  Diondra Evans says that she was pulled over by a man impersonating a police officer.

The Sulphur resident reported that an unmarked car started following her Saturday (August 13) evening, while she was on her way to work. Evans explained this raised a red flag as she noted the vehicle's make and model was a black Chevy Impala. After a short while, she claimed the driver turned on blue emergency flashers and started yelling from the vehicle's megaphone intercom. "Pull over!" She said something about the situation just didn't feel right.

Despite being ordered to pull over, Evans calmly proceeded until she arrived at a well-lit area and felt safe enough to stop. This is where she got the second red flag, that the man was not a real cop. She told the news “He said where are you headed, and I said Maplewood and he said where is that,” Evans continued his response gave him away. “Which he should have known since he works for the police.” At which time, Evans alleges she drove away from the scene quickly.

Unfortunately, the Sulphur incident is NOT an isolated event. Though it is a punishable offense to impersonate a police officer or fireman, this type of crime happens more often than most people think. Sulphur law enforcement said Diondra did exactly what she was supposed to do, as she reportedly called 911 dispatch to confirm if the man who stopped her was really an officer. According to reports, Sulphur PD told Evans HE WAS NOT. They also said, no one else reported an encounter with a man fitting this description. That's certainly good news, but everyone needs to be on alert just in case. Heaven forbid you to find yourself in the same situation. What should you do?

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