Today in Tha Wire reps for the Del Mar racetrack in San Diego say they're glad no one else was injured after a fan opened fire. According to AllHipHop a man went postal when he was told he couldn't buy tickets to a Ice Cube concert taking place at the venue. The box office employees told the man the show was sold out, and he lost it.

Police say the man identified as, 22-year-old Daniel Elizarraras, wasn't trying to hear the show was sold out. He became enraged with the ticket booth attendants, pulled out a “silver plated semi-automatic handgun,” and started firing shots in the crowded area. Sheriff deputies where already on the scene, and quickly got the situation under control. Unfortunately that involved taking the Elizarraras down.

A female deputy fired at least three shots taking Elizarraras down without further incident. The young man was taken to a nearby hospital, but his condition is unknown at this time. The shooting took place Sunday afternoon, just minutes before the rapper/actor/director was to go on stage. The Blast gained access to some footage of the shooting. Warning it's graphic.

KPBS News reported the entire racetrack was on lockdown, the remainder of the races and Cubes concert was cancelled. The incident is under investigation.  Del Mar reps released the following statement to their website shortly after the scary situation.

 "In light of the circumstances that unfolded involving one individual with a gun, we take consolation in the fact that no patrons, officers or security personnel were injured in the incident. We also are thankful for the work and training our personnel have done with the Sheriff’s Department regarding possible active shooter incidents."

The shooting went down during the final lap of a horse race Sunday afternoon. Cube has not issued a statement on the matter just yet. Then again, things like this are so shocking, sometimes there are no words. The following day, it was business as usual. The racetrack was open for business, and customers said they were not in fear for their safety.


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