It has been 582 days and counting since we celebrated anything close to a Mardi Gras in the Lake Area. February 25, 2020, was the last time a parade float rolled down Ryan Street, since we all got together for a real ball, and had a gumbo cook-off. During the pandemic this year we still had "underground" Mardi Gras balls, but it just wasn't the same. Although the freeze during that time would have put a damper on our festivities, it was still the thought that we lost out on one of our favorite times of the year to be from SWLA. As you can see in a post last year, I was pretty bummed about it too!

Mike Soileau

Things have been quiet for some time from the guys and gals at Mardi Gras of Southwest Louisiana, until yesterday! There have been a few meetings with the board and local krewes, but the general thought was that it was a waiting game. There was no idea or even clue as to what the 2022 season would look like for Mardi Gras. Rumors began to grow that it was going to be another year of just nothing, not even a single parade. Personally, my own heart broke just even thinking about if that would be true.

Just yesterday, we were giving a glimpse of hope with an announcement from Mardi Gas SWLA. In their post, they announced that they were moving ahead with planning the 2022 season! They did remind us that, of course, things can change but rolled out the plans they have so far. In a nutshell, most of the activities that we love are going to be happening outside this coming year, instead of inside the Civic Center. The only inside event will be the pageant. They mentioned events we have all grown to love: street dance, zydeco dance, and the famous gumbo cook-off. The gumbo cook-off has become one of the largest events that happen during Mardi Gras in SWLA, and we were all afraid that it would not happen.

As we get excited about the upcoming season, Mardi Gras SWLA did mention that it's going to take a lot of help to pull this coming year off. That includes a GIANT help from sponsors from around the area to help fund all of the events. They are asking that if you would like to help sponsor or know a person or business that would like to, to reach out to them and let them know so they can get them taken care of. I am a giddy child as I type this, knowing that Mardi Gras is close to being back in SWLA, and I cannot wait to see all of our friends and family out and about at parades and events!

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