Over the weekend, our friends at Market Basket put on a free grocery event in Lake Charles on Lake Street and Country Club Road.

The folks set up around 6:00am and started bagging up groceries to give away to needy families recovering from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The line started forming around 5:00am even though the event wasn't scheduled to start until 10:00am.

Market Basket Grocery Event (Photo by Rusty Lavergne/Mike Soileau)

Due to the amount of people who showed up early, Market Basket started giving away the free groceries around 8:30am. People who showed up to get the groceries received four bags per vehicle.

Some of the items they received were a ten pound bag of fresh chicken leg quarters, a half gallon of milk, rice, white and wheat bread, rice, snacks, sodas, and canned fruit and vegetables. If we had to guess, each vehicle left with about at least $50 worth of groceries.

Market Basket Grocery Event (Photo by Rusty Lavergne/Mike Soileau)

There was over 50 Market Basket employees bagging groceries in a massive assembly line for three straight hours and handing them out to a huge line of vehicles until they ran out around 11:30am.

We had reports the line was all the way down Country Club Road to Nelson Road. Then, we got reports it then funneled onto Nelson Road and was also backed up to Ham Reid Road. All in all, the folks at Market Basket estimated they were able to serve 1150 families in the Southwest Louisiana area.

Market Basket brass also announced they would be holding another free grocery event in Lake Charles on Saturday, December 5 at the 3rd avenue location. We will keep you updated on that event as it gets closer.

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