2020 caused a lot of our favorite festivals in SWLA to cancel. As we rounded into the new year of 2021, questions began to arise as to what festivals would we'd actually be able to see come back. We watched Mardi Gras come and go and the Rabbit Festival hopped right on by us again this year. The next biggest festival in SWLA to either come or go is the Marshland Festival.

The festival boasts a huge variety of local entertainment, food, and, of course, a good time every single year. Getting its roots planted in Hackberry, the festival outgrew the area and was eventually moved to the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Now, the festival welcomes thousands through the doors over the two-day period. I personally think of any festival to prove SWLA is headed back in the right direction, news of the Marshland Festival returning is possibly what we all needed to see happen.

Deep South Productions
Deep South Productions

The lineup this year is jam-packed and includes both nightly headliners waiting to be announced. For the first time in a very long time, Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition will take the stage on the Friday night. The Honkytonk Mexican, Johnny Jimenez, will make his Marshland Festival debut this year along with Dustin Sonnier as he opens up for the headliner of Saturday night's show.

In typical Marshland Festival fashion, if I had to guess, I would say the Friday night show headliner would be of a Louisiana music style and the Saturday night headliner would be a Country act. Who will they be is the big question? No word yet as to when they will announce them, but you better believe they're gonna be big.

Tickets go on sale soon through Event Brite. Keep checking the Marshland Festival Facebook Page for more information.

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