I will never forget August 2020, this was the month where Lake Charles would change with no signs of when we'd recover. We were hit from Hurricane Laura would ravish the city, followed in October by Hurricane Delta. There are still so many that are displaced due to the Hurricanes and many have no potential idea of when they will be able to return.

One person who has truly been a vocal leader for the city is Mayor Nic Hunter. With several visit here at our Townsquare Media offices to speaking out to who ever he could reach. The Mayor has really be a proponent for the city and reminding the world of what we have had to endure. As the leader of the city, he has met with President Biden and more to see how Lake Charles can get the help that is needed to help the city and the citizens rebuild.

This week Mayor Nic Hunter is in Washington, DC. If he is going to be the man of the people, he is truly putting his best effort forward to make this happen.He is really seeking to get disaster relief for all of us who have been affected and are in dire need of help. Unfortunately, the world has moved on and many have forgotten what we have had to endure. Sure we are not as big as Houston or New Orleans, but we are a city of beautiful people who would like to get back on with our lives before we have nothing left. Kudos to Mayor Nic Hunter, I hope that his pleas for assistance is heard and he'll be able to return to the city with some good news.

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