McDonald's just reach into my wallet and take my money now, I need your steak, egg, and cheese bagel in my life.

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One of my favorite channels on YouTube right now is watching a guy work at McDonald's. His name is Stephen Patula, and he wears a camera while he's preparing and making food.

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My wife and I loved the bagels at McDonald's and were heartbroken when they took them off the menu at the beginning of the pandemic. But, there's some good news on the horizon. It seems that some restaurants are starting to carry them again.

Stephen Patula YouTube
Stephen Patula YouTube

I've seen articles that some McDonald's in Philadelphia and Ohio have started offering breakfast bagel sandwiches again for a limited time.

The YouTuber I watch, Stephen, lives and works in Ohio. He said that all the franchise owners in his area got together and decided they wanted to start carrying the bagels again.

Sadly, there are no plans to bring these sandwiches back to our local menus. However, that would be awesome if the McDonald's franchise owners in our area got together and started to sell the bagel sandwiches again. But it will take an army of us motivated bagel lovers to get it done.

If you would like to see the bagel sandwiches back on our menus in SWLA, contact your local McDonald's and ask them for the phone number of their franchise owner. Once you have the digits, give them a call and ask for them to start carrying the bagel sandwiches again like they are in Philly and Ohio. As the old saying goes, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".

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