Today in Tha Wire Meek Mill announced he's going to sue the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for blatant discrimination after being threatened by security guards while visiting the hotel and resort over the Memorial Day holiday. The rapper said he experienced "extreme racism" when he arrived at the hotel and casino to attend the DJ Mustard concert Saturday May 25, 2019. Killin part is, he wasn't even in the casino when he was told to leave!

TMZ reports the 32-year old rapper had just pulled up in the driveway when Cosmo security guards ordered him not to get out of the vehicle or he'd be arrested. Meek was already in town, because he did a show at Drais Nightclub that Friday on May 24.

According to his attorney Joe Tacopina, said the guards initially said that Meek's race had nothing to do with him being asked to leave. The hotel claims the rapper was not allowed on their property because of past incidents involving the star. However, that was an outright lie Tapopina told TMZ, because the rapper had only been to the Cosmopolitan one other time to see Jay Z in concert. Furthermore there are zero incident reports filed by the hotel, their security nor any other entity involving Meek Mill before, during or after his visit.

The rap stars attorney's are demanding the Cosmo produce video footage, documentation or report to prove they had any prior incident with Meek to back-up their claim. If not, Tacopina says they need to come-up with a very good apology stat or they will move forward with their lawsuit seeking heavy damages as a result.

At the time of the incident Meek never got out of his vehicle. Still in the back seat he tried to get a clear answer as to why he was being told to leave by the hotels security guards. During their explanation a member of his entourage captured their ignorant response on camera then shared the unbelievable footage on his IG page.

During the exchange Meek asked them what about food? Could we just go eat? One of the guards said they were at capacity, but that was a lie as well. Then the other guard told the rap star, “So here’s the deal, right. We’re a private property; at this time, with the information we have, we’re refusing to do business with you. We have the right to do that.” To which Meek responded, “But what information? You’re not refusing to do business with me; you’re telling me I’ll be arrested if I don’t leave.”

The same guard told the star, “No, no, what we said was... we officially trespassed you.” He continued, "If you do not leave these premises immediately, you will be subject to arrest for a misdemeanor... Your subsequent return to these premises after being duly warned not to, will subject you to arrest for trespassing."

Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina, told TMZ this is more than just racism, and the Cosmo isn't the only hotel engaging in discriminatory behavior against customers of color. Tacopina says several hotels in Vegas are practicing in illegal discrimination tactics especially when it comes to certain black artists and rappers by circulating  an alleged "banned list."

Since the incident Tacopina has reached out to the Cosmopolitan owners/management, but the hotel hasn't responded. they also didn't apology to the star for the egregious behavior of their guards. The music star is moving forward with the lawsuit. I will keep you posted.

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