They say you can't win if you don't play. I have only bought a few lottery tickets in my life. None of them ever really worked out for me. There was this one time I got a lottery ticket in a raffle and I won $25 bucks. I kept it a secret, didn't want to get hassled by the media for such a big win. The only other time I bought one was while working a Mardi Gras Ball in Lafayette. We all spent $100 bucks on tickets. The thought was if one of us won, we would just leave all of the gear at the venue and just hop on a plane and leave. The drawing that night happened just as the ball was ending. We crowed around a cell phone and waited for the numbers to be pulled. Much to our dismay, we ended up having to go back to work and take the gear down.

The mega millions jackpot is making its way up there for a big winner. Tonight's drawing could pay a lucky winner $440 million as the big prize. That is the highest it has been in over 14 months.  For those of us wondering what that would pay out in cash, it's $248 million. Not a bad little chunk of change. That would get you a few tanks of gas to get back and forth to work at least!

It's been a few months since someone hit the jackpot. The last winner to win the Mega Millions Jackpot was in April in Tennessee. That winner took home $20 million. At least they can pay their electricity bill for the summer with it. The drawing is tonight, so we will see if anyone is suddenly related to us for some back pay!

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