May 1 kicked off the beginning of what is known as Mental Health Awareness month. I really take this month seriously and to heart. Many have their idea of what mental illness is and try to associate it with a face. I am here to tell you there is truly no clear cut physical association to Mental Health.

Honestly, it affects everyone, including myself, in every sense of the word. If you are feeling overwhelmed with decisions you need to make and you don't feel like you have the answers, this could push you to a breaking point. When I lost my mother back in January and felt like I wouldn't be able to continue on without her even while my wife and son were supportive was a breaking point and a branch on the mental health tree.

There are people out there who are willing and can help us. We don't have to deal with everything on our own. There are people who we can truly trust to talk to about things like this. There are organizations like Better Help, Easter Seals, and Nami just to name a few.

As a man, I can speak for myself and say there are moments when I feel truly overwhelmed. There are moments when I can say it feels like the walls are closing in on me. While I haven't gotten psychiatric help or counseling for it, I know what it feels like when feeling lost and alone. What's ironic about it is there are people we love who love us and want to help.

Yet, we still feel like it's us all by ourselves. Pay close attention to your friends and loved ones, and support them even when they don't ask. Make sure you also pay very close attention to your kids. It could be a change in attitude, subtle hints, or a variety of things. Let's not just acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Month in May, but all year. Talking about it and dealing with it can eventually lead us to understanding it more.

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