We have all seen it in movies, TV shows, and cartoons. A long-lost love or a letter for help scribbled on a piece of paper, rolled into a bottle, and cast out to sea. Desperately hoping that someone would find it, and praying it would get into the hands of that one person you hoped it would. Holly Beach camp owners, the Millers, were at their camp a few days ago. When they ran across this strange sight. It truly was a message in a bottle!

Now I have seen some things down at Holly Beach, some neat and some strange, but I have never seen a real message in a bottle. There is no telling where the bottle actually came from, but the writing is in English and somehow survived its trip from where it came from. The letters aren't addressed to anyone in particular, but the words speak of a love that has been lost. The writer has lost "her", and it seems as though he is hopeless on getting her back.

I don't think you find a love like that more than once in a lifetime, and yet I still managed to throw it all away.

Well if that doesn't just knock you in the gut. The letters are titled at the top: Locked Out of Heaven, Run Away, and Lost and Lonely. The titles alone could be hit songs or the basis of a movie plot. The words just drive home how broken the writer truly is and has had to finally realize that he has lost the love of his life for good.

Now she has moved on and left me here shattered and broken, I'm hurting in a way I have never hurt before but I deserve it.

The pain oozing off of these letters makes my stomach turn to know the feelings of losing someone close to you whether it be a family member or partner. I hope whoever wrote this letter was able to use this as a way to release that pain and begin to heal. In some shape or form, I believe we have all felt this way. Lost with no one to turn to but our own thoughts and words. If you haven't felt this way, I pray you never do.

Holly Beach Message in a Bottle

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