Today in Tha Wire Mary Halsey may be leaving behind her days of working at a rehab center, for superstardom in the near future. The 47-year old loves sing karaoke, and over the summer entered a contest at Goddard Park in Rhode Islands. I'm pretty sure folks at the show, had no idea she was gonna rap. Yeah...Mary did her thing! She blew the crowd away when she belted out Missy Elliott's classic, "Work It."

Mary worked it didn't she? Well as you've probably already guessed, she's a huge Missy Elliott fan. Mary even dubbed herself, "Missy's Funky White Sister!" Turns out Mary rocked the song so hard, it caught Missy's attention. The rap legend actually went to Mary's page, and shared the video on her Twitter page! Of course when that happened, the video went viral.

Now when videos go viral, Ellen DeGeneres may take a look. If she likes it, she's known for invited folks on her show. Yep, you guessed. HotNewHipHop reports Mary was invented to tell her story, and explain how an older white lady from Rhode Island became Missy Elliott's #1 fan. Mary is hilarious, and in no shape, form or fashion shy. She wow the TV audience, took to the stage to perform, and got the surprise of her life! Take a look below, and see how it all went down!

Keep working it Mary!The show airs today, don't miss it!

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