Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles recently announced that motorists now have an opportunity to request that an “Autism” indicator be added to their driver’s license. Anyone diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by a qualified medical healthcare professional is eligible for this new service. Please note that applicable fees do apply for processing to add or remove the "Autism" indicator from your license. You must also apply in person at your local DMV. Items needed the day a motorist applies are as  follows:

· Medical Examiner’s Certification of Autism Spectrum Disorder form completed by the motorists doctor or a qualified medical healthcare professional.

· A statement from a qualified and licensed mental health professional in the United States to verify the applicant’s disability.

The indicator is easy to see as it appears under the picture on the front of the license. The indicator can also be display on any class driver's license, and that includes TIP. However, the indicator CAN NOT be placed a standard Class I - I.D. or Class H-Handicap I.D. The "Autism" indicator may only be combined with the "Needs Accommodation" display. It CAN NOT be added to a drivers license with any other caption such as "Veteran," "100% DAV" or "I'm A Cajun."

By the way, DHS issued an extension on the deadline for motorists to apply for the
REAL ID Starting May 3, 2023new state-issued enhanced driver's license

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