When it comes to picking my favorite foods to eat when it comes time for a lunch break or past time. Obviously, my favorites are Pizza and Chicken wings, but in my top 5 will be Chinese food.

Here are 10 of my favorite spots that are in Lake Charles. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer open, but I used to visit them often.

Jo Jo's Bistro: This is the spot when you want to try some great authentic Chinese food. The service is great and the ambiance is nice as well. My wife and I would go there often for a quick lunch just to get together after a hard day.

Peking Garden: If you want some of the best egg rolls in the city. This is going the be the spot I highly recommend. It's a small quaint spot, but it's got the home vibe with many of your peers who also go there for a great lunch as well.

Lucky Wok: I haven't been here in a while, but when it comes to a buffet that is always full with plenty of options including fruit, this is the place that I would go to. I have had several of my friends meet me there for lunch and none of them ever left disappointed.

Westlake Wings & Chinese Food: I remember seeing a video where this comedian did a review of the wings, and from the video alone it convinced me to go and try them out. I took one of my co-workers with me and he has been hooked ever since. Not only is the Chinese food very good, but the wings are also something to add to any meal you try.

Great Khan Mongolian Grill: This place is no longer here, unfortunately, but the food was great. This was a place where you could actually grab a bowl, place everything you wanted in the bowl and take it up to them to cook the food. You could include the sauces and spices that you wanted in it and once you got the finished product. You had the ultimate meal.

La Star Buffet, Sushi, Hibachi Grill, and Chinese Food: This is another buffet that is available in the city. There is a wide array of food including Sushi. There is no way that you will be able to truly eat everything at once. But if you have a family and want to treat the kids to a meal. This is highly a spot that I would recommend.

Asia: L'Auberge is the location when you want to take a trip to Asia without leaving the country. There have been plenty of nights after great concerts where we would convene here for a great meal. The staff was always friendly and accomodating for our groups which at times were a little larger than expected. However, they never gave us any issues and the service was always superb.

Wok D'Lite: One of my co-workers Mike Soileau would probably place this restaurant in a close race with Peking Garden. When we were hit by the 2 Hurricanes last year, I think he almost went crazy because of them not being opened. As soon as the doors were open. they had a line down Prien Lake Road.

Bluefish Chinese Japanese Restaurant: This is one of my favorite restaurants here in Lake Charles. Unfortunately, after the hurricane,  they were damaged and have not reopened, but the food was good. They had some of the best Sushi rolls in town and I also celebrated my promotion there as well when I got my new position here, which made the place even more special. I don't know if they are returning, but if I had my choice I wish they would.

Finally China One: This is a smaller restaurant with great food and even greater people working there. They are located on Nelson road and if you're not paying attention, you may actually pass them up. Believe me, they are worth the turnaround if you do.





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