One thing I am about is patience and respect for those in the workplace. However, today was one of those days where my patience was pushed and tested. Yet, I took a breath and simply thought about how someone else could be having it worse than me. It started off as I was going to the post office to send off a birthday card for one of my brothers. His birthday is actually today so I guess that makes me a lousy brother. I also had another package that I was sending off and the first post office I went to couldn't ship out any mail at all.

It didn't matter how big or small it was, one of their machines was down and if you were sending out, you had to make a trip to another one of their locations to do so. I almost decided to come on to work and take care of that later, but I didn't want to prolong my brother receiving his card, nor delay the other package going out on time.

We all know that mail lately has not been the most reliable. As a matter of fact, I ordered something on October 30th and just received the package this past Friday, December 3rd. It's good that I didn't really need it, but it sucked that it was well over its expected date.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

Anyway, back to the story here that got this all started. I went to one of the other post offices and I should have known when a gentleman outside told me that it was a pretty long wait. I was already there and decided to go ahead and stay and man did I ever. The line was almost out the door of this particular location and there were only two workers at the counter and the wait ended up being close to forty minutes before I was finally able to get to the front to send my packages off. Obviously, this is nothing new as this is happening all over the world and many people are dealing with the same thing pertaining to mail. So I played my position and waited until I was able to get help. It just shows that you really have to utilize your patience, but eventually, you'll get things done.

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