The city has been without internet since August 27. This day will always ring in my mind, as it was the day when Louisiana's strongest hurricane ever hit Lake Charles. This was also the day when people really recognized just how important readily available internet was to them.

Well, after weeks of waiting and watching the city slowly come back to some type of normalcy, we got hit by another hurricane and it basically knocked over what was left. I just knew this was going to be another thorn in the side and another delay to internet restoration.

However, to my surprise on this past Saturday, October 17, the internet was back on at my house. I have literally watched every Blu-ray I had and was starting to really have doubts about it coming back anytime soon. My son and I were at home and I just gave the television a try and there was a football game on. This prompted me to tell him to try the internet and the rest is history. Over the weekend, I downloaded every app I could think of from BET, Starz, Showtime, and others. I literally caught up on shows I have missed and took time for myself.

I know many are dissatisfied with what they would say has been overlooked. However, don't take it out on the ones you see daily. These are our family members and they went through the same thing we did. So big shouts out to the workers from Suddenlink for doing their best to get the city back online and allow people to resume working and spending time with their families.

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