This weekend was a movie, as I had the chance to really network and expand the brand with artists and other content creators of the world. Derrick McKinney, Founder of L.O.U.D Muzik created a Radio and Press Junket, where artists from all over would be able to come out and talk about their goals and agendas in music with media personalities and influencers who could give them a little game on how the industry works.

On Saturday I had the chance to speak with artists from Massachusetts, New York, Jersey, and of course from Texas and abroad. The event was basically like speed dating for music. Each artist was able to come to a designated table, and talk about their music and meet with various programmers for knowledge on the music industry. There were so many artists who came through the event. I love the excitement that I saw in their eyes when they talked about their music and where they saw themselves going. Some of their marketing tools were nice and very professional as well.

I was personally invited to represent 107 Jamz and when I tell you I literally had a waiting line. It was at times a little overwhelming, but I made it a point to speak with everyone who was there and waited around for me. One thing I have always tried to be was a fair person when it comes to helping and trying to groom others in the industry. Sometimes the advice would be taken, and at other times many chose their own route.



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