Netflix has had its share of bad press, either with disgruntled actors or comedians. But lately they have really stepped their game up. They have crossed all races, genres and genders to appeal to the masses of those who support the network.

However, with the latest news coming from the camp, they are going even further with the Black Lives Matter section. This will include great documentaries like 13th and movies like When They See Us. While some might say this is normal viewing for most, the great thing about this move is that Black movies will have their own section and will help to teach and empower those looking to learn more about racial injustices and our experience in America.

The one thing that I personally love about Netflix is how they are not afraid of pushing the envelope and touching on subjects that might not be easy to accept. They also have deals with Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes, Spike Lee, and Kenya Barris which means we will be getting a variety of great programming for years to come.

Speaking of Spike Lee, he's gonna have a very compelling story to tell from a movie called Da 5 Bloods starring Chadwick Boseman and Delroy Lindo. The movie will be coming to the small screen this Friday and from the previews, it seems like it will leave a lasting impression on the mind.

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