Today in Tha Wire Beyonce' dropped the trailer for her upcoming Netflix documentary, Homecoming - A Film by Beyonce today. The 37-year old mother of 3 writes history AGAIN, with a new documentary covering her iconic 2018 performance at the Coachella Music Festival. Only one word can describe that show, epic! Beyonce's set took place in front of 125,000 fans on April 14, 2018 and every single second of that show was amazing. Matter of fact, it was historic as she was the first Black women to headline the legendary music fest.

Youtube record drawing 41 million live viewers.  From start to finish Bey put down a phenomenal performance which included, a dramatic entrance as she marched out dressed like an Egyptian Queen, a 100 piece brass band and dancers. She also surprised the audience when she brought out
Destiny's Child reunion!  Behold, the Queen Bey is here!

In case you missed the live stream on TIDAL, you'll get another shot next week! By the way another reason Beyonce's Coachella fest show was so monumental was the fact that she paid homage the Black culture of HBCU's across the nation. No other artist has done it on the level that Bey did during her 2018 concert. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are known for their incredible marching bands and J-Setting dancing diva's on the front lines.

It was fabulous in every way! Beyonce slayed the stage, stunting with 100 member marching band and more than a dozen sista's knockin' it outta the park with their Prancing Jettes.

Bey's new Netflix doc was dubbed Homecoming, because she was supposed to perform at Coachella in 2017, but was forced to cancel. The music legend was pregnant with twins at the time, and doctors strongly advised her not to do the show. So, she had to bow out. Given her unbelievable performance a year later, it was hard to believe Beyonce was fresh off winging her new babies.

See the incredibly film as Bey and her crew mentally and physically prepare for Coachella 2018, see the rehearsals, intimate background footage of her family, the interviews and much more April 17, 2019!



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