I woke up yesterday morning to a major drop in the temperature. Sure, we had plenty of blankets covering us up, but man it was cold. At that moment, I didn't realize the power had gone out. As soon as I found out, it seemed like it got instantly colder.

I immediately felt bad for those who didn't have the luxury of blankets and non-perishable items to eat, as we didn't know how long the power was going to be out. There were obviously people who were upset at Entergy, but they were doing what they felt was the best practice of getting ahead of any additional problems. The power did come back, but we also had issues with low water pressure. I truly believe this is the coldest I have ever been in Lake Charles. It also seems like we may have a few more of cold weather days coming.

I would still ask everyone to not get on the road if you don't have to, and make sure to pull out those blankets just in case we have another situation like yesterday. I have to admit, I love the cold weather, but for those who are still dealing with the aftereffects of Laura and Delta, they need a break. We in Lake Charles need a break altogether. Follow the directions of the city and continue to look out for app alerts for the latest.

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